Problem: How to provide a high quality premium product in a market saturated by cheap "Made in China" products for pets?


I imported a line of products and sold them to pet stores all over the US.


Tastybone is a line of designer premium dog toys, made from super dense nylon infused with flavors. The award winning packaging is eye-catching and immediately stands out.


The typical pet-owner is used to spending under $10 a month on non-food pet related expenses, such as toys and beds. To promote this product, I launched a national campaign showcasing the product line's strengths: unique design, irresistable flavors, and unparallelled quality. I also levereged the fact that the competing nylon products were poorly made, were tauted by law suits from splintering in the product making it unsafe for pets and did not last very long.


Not only did Tastybone take over the market, people were buying multiples of each product, according to stores all over the country. 


In 2012, I won First Place in the New Product Category at the largest pet product expo in the US: Global Pet Expo.