Product Marketing

Throughout the store, I placed display items to showcase the possible uses of various products.


We sold many high-quality food bowls, but also offered customization for an additional fee. I regularly changed out the samples to show that we can do more than just put the dog's name on their bowl.


We offered a full bakery with elaborate treats like birthday cakes and petit fours for dogs. In order to entice people to buy the expensive treats, I placed a "self serve" table where people could full up a container with a variety of slightly less expensive treats for $6.50 a box, in the style of those frozen yogurt places. This encouraged people to experiment with healthy treats and also not be afraid to splurge on their pup with a $30 cake for their birthday.


Some priducts were hard to visualize until you got them home and opened them. For these I created scenes with plush dogs using the products. I created resin and clay replicas of some specialty food items so people could see what they looked like without having them spoil or opening the packaging.