Retail Design

This complete remodel of the Computer and Cell phone departments at a major Southern California big box store chain required the implementation of a new system to make all 12 stores uniform. By unifying the design elements, all stores would not only appear the same, but it would also help keep fixtures uniform, signage on message, and stock in place.

The project required the cooperation of about 80 national brands that were featured. We worked closely with most of them to maintain their brand identity and make sure the remodel met both their needs and the store's requirements.

The concept behind this remodel was to help corporate manage the stores by installing a process by which one set of instructions could be communicated to all 12 stores to make changes that would previously take weeks. This system revolutionized the operations and marketing within the stores and made it easier for them to keep up with the fast pace and volume of sales and promotions that were rolled out each week.